Refund Policy

Refund Policy

The order that you have placed get processed via SSL (Secure Socket Layer). The data which is entered into the protected pages gets encrypted by using 128 Bit SSL protocol and moved to the recipient by using a very secure connection. The data can be processed, used and read after it is received. There is guarantee for safe shopping.

Reseller authorization:

Authorized resellers are the business as well as individual who sign the agreement with CSTools Group about reselling of the software solutions from CSTools Software Group. The entore agreement process is done emailing. The entire list of the authorized resellers are mentioned in the main website Reseller Page. There is upgrade in the list of the resellers list every month.


Client is the person who buys software tool via online mode using website of the company. Client can also shop via authorized resellers.

Mail regarding activation:

The email which is sent by CSTools Group or by the authorized resellers consisted of CSTools Group regarding providing information about the software. The email comprises of the link about the full edition and credentials for activation of the products.

Users need to understand that data recovery products which are designed in the way they are tested under tough circumstances where data is severely damaged and where the recovery chances are 99.99%. Users need to know about the chances of recovery because sometimes software fails to recover data completely. There are chances of recovery failure when file is damaged not even containing the data. Thus clients are suggested to go through the products in freeware demonstration edition.

Refund related Guidelines:

  • Client can make request at CSTools Group for refund of the products. Company can make refund of the product till the period of 30 days from the day of purchase. Here are the guidelines related to product refund:
  • Company is not responsible for the below mentioned problems such as:
  • Loss or misdirected of the email
  • Delay in downloading or delay due to communication
  • Delay because of unwanted uncontrolled factor.
  • Mail which is marked as spam by email application or else by mail server used by the email application
  • Mail is bounced by sender or else by receiver
  • The purchase is done via proper procedure and you hardly need the software ahead.
  • The mistaken purchase of the tool and now you wanted to remove it.
  • After buying the tool, you come across several challenges in operating the tool.
  • Tool is not applicable according to the environment where you are using.